"It begins with an idea, an idea that gnaws, that haunts, that spills into the quiet moments, and refuses to go away."

Author & Playwright


Paul Gulino


Screenplay Writing Services

Let’s Bring Your Screenplay Up to the Next Level!

Consulting Services


The First Glance – There are a few ways to get feedback, but your most efficient way is to submit a 3-page synopsis and the first 15 screenplay pages for review. We�ll discuss the basic story and character issues. Then we�ll go over detailed notes on the scenes presented and discuss a strategy for approaching those scenes.

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The Full-Length Consultation – Is your screenplay completed and you�re needing a more thorough analysis? You can get an analysis that is written, verbal, or combination of both that covers the macro issues of story and character as in The First Glance, with detailed notes and suggestions about how to make your scenes really work.

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Independent�Study – Maybe you have a concept and don�t know what to do with it. Or, perhaps, you have a project you�ve been working on and want to maximize its impact. That�s where an Independent Study comes into play. This is an intensive one-on-one mentoring option available to select clients. This tends to be a longer-term collaborative process and involves a great degree of flexibility, depending on your schedule and needs.

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